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OPSMP will be discontinued -> new creative server

The OPSMP server will be discontinued at some point. It will be replaced with a new creative/plots server.

This server might feature:

  • personal plots,
  • community plots,
  • building contest with prizes for our other servers,
  • OPSMP world.

As the last feature implies, I would like to continue using the OPSMP world in some form.

This world will still be hosted on the server and could be viewed by any player (like a museum) to build in it, you will need permission by the staff, this will generally be give to all previous players or players with the previous trusted rank. In addition, the OSMP world would be made available for download after this change. The creative server is still in early development, so it could take a while to arrive. Any suggestions about this endeavor are always welcome.

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Sounds good!

what a coincidence that you posted this right after my creative server request haha.

Also cant wait for this to happen...

A bright future is coming hopefully! Have a good day to anyone who reads this!



Quote from Blue565 on 11.10.2021, 16:52



Welcome Blue 😀